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Associated Computer Services Fees Structure Released


Associated Computer Services has announced its fees, published a booklet with its tuition costs, and approved a fee structure for its programs.

The management has made available the official Associated Computer Services Fees Structure, which has been accepted for payment by each program participant.

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The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programs at Associated Computer Services.

The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council and we will update it ASAP.

Associated Computer Services Fees Structure

The official Associated Computer Services fees booklet covers tuition fees, course material fees, residential fees, accommodation fees, textbooks, banking details, fee quotations, accommodation fees, fee summary, fees statement, examination fees, and other fees charged.

Associated Computer Services fees schedule has been successfully uploaded online. Follow the steps below to access it.

  • Go to Associated Computer Services Fees Portal.
  • Next, click Fees on the menu of the website.
  • Access the Associated Computer Services Fees or download the fees booklet pdf.

From the Link above, you can access and download a pdf of Associated Computer Services Fees.

For full fee information, you can contact the Financial Aid Department of Associated Computer Services.

Associated Computer Services Application Requirements

  1. You’ll need an email address to complete the application.
  2. Applicants will need an ID number.  Foreign applicants will need their passport numbers.
  3. Once you have received your student number from Associated Computer Services, you will need to pay the application fee.
  4. Make sure your documents are scanned according to the guidelines.
  5. Your admission to Associated Computer Services is dependent on you meeting the specific admission requirements for your chosen qualification.
  6. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may want to consider alternative qualifications or possibly, if you qualify, an extended program, enabling you to register for limited modules in your first year.

Complete the Application Form

ONLINE application – Complete the application form and upload a certified copy of your ID and latest results. * Preferred option
OFFLINE application – Download the application form and fax/email it to us.

Your completed Application Form, along with your ID Document and Certificates, can be sent to the College either via Fax, E-Mail, Post, or hand delivery.

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However, if you have any queries regarding  Associated Computer Services fees, Please kindly DROP A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible.

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